Just a Winter Outfit

I thought I would show a typical winter outfit that I normally wear during the cold, snowy season. As you can tell, my typical winter uniform is a thick sweater, knit hat (have to keep those ears warm), and of course, a scarf. I am not a winter person at all because I really don’t like the bitter cold, so I like to dress in layers to retain all the body heat I can.


To break away from the usual monochromatic dark colors associated with winter, I added this pair of white pants (also seen here) to slightly achromatize the outfit. Who says you can’t wear white during winter?! The cream-colored scarf also assists in reducing the usage of dark tones in the outfit, while adding some warmth, both literally and metaphorically.

What I really like about this sweater, besides the warmth that it provides me, is the U-shaped cut of the hemline, and of course, the gold zippers running along the sides of the sweater that create a contouring effect.

To add the finishing touches to this outfit, I wore a dark blue down coat that provides just enough warmth so you don’t overheat. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of me donning it, but I created a YouTube video of this exact look featuring the coat in it.

Let me know what you liked about this look and what your winter “uniform” is. While you are at it, check out the video. In the meantime, if you are experiencing the cold, snowy days, keep warm!

What I Am Wearing

White Scarf- H&M
Side Zippered Sweater- Bob’s Stores
White Skinny Jeans- A gift
Black Suede Booties- Charlotte Russe

Cable Knit Beanie- Amazon


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