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I went on a hike with my uncle and aunt to go see one of the many waterfalls in Ghana. This particular waterfall is in the Eastern Region and is one of the most popular attractions to visit. This fall was popularized ever since the first President of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, visited and praised Boti Falls.

Boti Falls-Blush Green

Hike Or No Hike

Once we arrived at the entrance and paid the fees, we had two options. One option was to take a 5 minute walk to descend down a 250 step concrete stairway to reach Boti Falls, or the second option was to take a 45 minute-1 hour hike around before reaching the falls. After a 3 hour journey from Juaso (a sub-section of Kumasi), while switching between buses, tro tros (large vans), and taxis, can you guess which option we picked?….If you picked option number 2, you are right and you just won a car!! Haha, I’m just kidding about the car… but after the long journey to reach Boti Falls, we chose to take our time to reach the falls so that we could experience a sense of growing anticipation.

Entrance to Boti Falls

Entrance to Boti Falls

Gazebo in entrance of boti falls

Gazebo at the Entrance

If you choose option 2, before starting off on the hike, make sure to have a bottle of cold water with you to sip or gulp down (I suggest sipping since the journey is just beginning) while trekking through the lands. Oh, and some bug spray! The last hike I went on was sophomore/junior year of high school, which was 9-10 years ago. I have to say that I was happy to have been exercising prior to my trip, or else this hike would have been more of a challenge for me.

The hike began on a well beaten up path through plains of grass and a wondrous view of hills and mountains all around you. After about a 10 minute walk through these plains, the somewhat even path soon turned into a descending, rocky terrain. It is important to watch where you step because some of the rocks become loose under your feet. Along the way we came across a stream of rushing water, that we crossed over by stepping on the rocks.

The stream that leads to Boti Falls-Blush Green

Stream That We Crossed

The Cave

During the hike, our tour guide took us to certain sites to check out. The first site, is known as the Cave. Our guide told us that it was used as a resting place for hunters a long time ago. The Cave is more of a rock overhang, with different shaped crevices, naturally carved into the hard surface. You will no longer see hunters using this place for shelter, but you are more likely to see bats within the Cave.

The Cave on Hike to Boti Falls

Tour Guide Under The Cave

Being at this spot it was understandable why this place was used as a shelter. It is cool and damp along the Cave so it acted as a good resting spot to be sheltered from the boiling sun. After resting and snapping a few pictures we continued our hike to the next attraction.

Personally, at this point in the hike, I think this is where it would give most people difficulty. It becomes difficult, because the hike now goes uphill. We had to climb up rocks and if you don’t have good footing, I highly advice you to have someone pull you up the rocks (my uncle had to help my aunt up those rocks). Or just lower yourself down and use your hands to guide you up the ascent. All this hard exertion is so worth it when you reach the next attraction.

Difficulty hiking to Boti Falls

Uncle Helping Aunt Climb Up The Rocks (What a Gentleman)

Umbrella Rock

Our ascent stopped at the base of what is known as the Umbrella Rock. The Umbrella Rock is natural rock formation, that has an overhanging rock sitting on top of a rock base. The picture below does not give it justice to this natural beauty.

Umbrella Rock in Ghana

Tour Guide Resting Under The Umbrella Rock

Our guide also informed us that this spot was also used as a resting spot for hunters to escape the harsh sun and heavy rainfall. We were also informed by the tour guide that there is usually a bamboo ladder that is used by tourists to climb to the top of rock, but it had recently been broken, so we couldn’t make a climb to the top of the rock. I’m hoping that the next time that I go back, a new ladder will be up so that I could have a different view point of the surroundings on the top of Umbrella Rock.

The Umbrella Rock in Ghana

Posing Under The Umbrella Rock

Many more pictures were snapped of this wonderful piece of nature (I wish I can spam you guys with all the pictures that were taken at this spot). At this point, I wish we had brought food along and had a little picnic at this beautiful spot.

Three Headed Palm Tree

We continued our trip down to the last attraction, the three-headed palm tree, located within a small village. In order to see this unique palm tree, situated right in the middle of this super tiny village, we had to pay a small entrance fee. Once the monetary transaction was done, we stepped into the village to admire yet another natural phenomenon.

Three Headed Palm Tree in Ghana

Three Headed Palm Tree

At the base of this palm tree is a huge rock with carvings that the villagers claim was naturally carved and not man-made. They also claim that when a woman sits on this particular slab of rock and a chant was recited she would become pregnant and give birth to twins.

Carved Rock At Foot of 3 Headed Palm Tree

The Twin Pregnancy Rock

I decided to forgo this ritual, since I am not mentally ready to give birth, but if I decide to try it out in the future, you guys will be the first to know. The three-headed palm tree has a ladder leaning on it for tourists to climb up the tree and poke their heads between the opening of the trunks.

Three Headed Tree in Ghana- Blush Green

Aunt Poking Head Through 3 Headed Palm Tree

After talking to the villagers and taking numerous photos, we were given two options on how to get to the waterfall. Option 1 was to have one of the villagers drive us back to the Boti Falls entrance or Option 2 was to retrace our steps back to the entrance. We went with option 1, mainly for my aunt who had the most difficult time on the hike. I wouldn’t have minded seeing the Umbrella Rock and the Cave, again.

Boti Falls

With our speedy return back to the visitor’s entrance, we walked down exactly 250 steps to see the “twin” waterfalls. The local folks have genderized these falls, so one is referred to as a male and the other as a female. Tourists are allowed to swim at the falls, but at the time that we went to the falls, the pressure was too high and the pool of water was too murky to take a dive in it.

Boti Falls-Blush Green

Boti Falls-The Twin Falls

The long trip and the hike was so worth the wait to see this waterfall. If you ever get the chance to visit Boti Falls, please do, and make sure to take the all-inclusive option!

Boti Falls- Blush Green

Can’t Swim In This-Boti Falls

Boti Falls-Blush Green

Boti Falls- Ghana, Eastern Region

Also, for anyone that had a chance to hike up to Boti Falls please let me know how your experience was and which attraction of your hike was your favorite.




    • It was a great experience and if you ever get the chance to visit Ghana, I highly suggest that you visit Boti Falls. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

    • Thank you! Ghana is such an amazing place to visit and there is so much to do there.

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