Failed Promises

Failed Promises-Blush Green
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Failed Promises-Blush Green

So, it has been awhile since I’ve sat down to write a post. I know I made a few promises in my previous posts about writing about certain topics, but all you heard back from me were the sound of crickets. For that I am sorry for disappointing you.

I haven’t come back on here to give any more empty promises. I can only say that I am not certain what the future holds for my little blog. With that said, the only true promise I can give you and myself is that there might be weeks/months where I will be very consistent or times where there will only be sporadic postings.

Failed Promises-Blush Green

I just hope that any content that I push out into my little corner of the internet is insightful for my readers, both new and old.

Please leave me any suggestions on what you would love for me to post in the future and any stories of when you have ever failed to keep a promise.

Failed Promises-Blush Green



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